I’ve been Sober for 19 Years.

In 1996, I was about to face the biggest battle in my life, which is myself.

To say that you’ll make a change is easy, but to say your going to do it is a FIGHT.

I battled myself, taking on the road of SOBRIETY, not knowing, is the scariest thing a

person can face, not believing is the other….

A collision, was internal but i knew if I made this change, I would better my life.

Hopes and dreams, my only hope was to stay SOBER for 2 weeks….2 weeks, turned

into 2 months, 2 months turned into 2 years and so forth….

The first steps are the hardest, if change is to come about.

But I started hurting, crying, struggling, but that changed into setting a goal, closing a

road that would benefit me the most…Happiness, my pain stems from the passing of

my Father, at 6 months old.

I did not learn of his passing until I was the age of eight.

The hole in my heart was growing in my heart each year, thinking of my Dad not being

here, through my sport events, birthdays, the key moments in my life.

It drove me to a road of destruction, the road having drugs & alcohol, and not caring

about myself. Having my mind set on joining my Dad soon, by living a reckless lifestyle.

I knew, that if I made this change, life would be better in one way, shape or form.

Do I have life experiences? No. But I do have life’s mistakes.

Maybe were judged too much by how we fall, but I believe we should be judged by how

we RISE after we fall.


I am half the duo of “James & Ernie Comedy”. I have been doing Comedy for the past

14 years as a full time job.

I am also part of the “49 Laughs Comedy” Troupe.

Toured internationally, a few of my stops include: Native American Music Awards,

Seminole Tribe of Florida, Edmonton/Alberta Canada, Samson Cree Nation, Edmonton/

Alberta, Canada, Seattle, WA, Milwaukee, WI, Aquazine, NY, Cherokee, NC,

Anchorage, AK, Fairbanks, AK, San Francisco, CA(AIFI), Comedians of the year 2009

(American Indigenous Awards),


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